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October 25, 2020

August 10, 2020

4 common problems in signups and checkouts and how to solve them with Arengu

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Whether your goal is to achieve signups or a sale, the onboarding flow or checkout flow is crucial for your conversion rates. Many websites hold on to obsolete systems to authenticate users or complete a sale. Today, we would like to show you some of the most common and hurtful issues in signup and checkout forms and offer you an effective solution for each.

Problem #1: Too many signups that take too much effort

Users have to complete too many different sign ups in each platform or e-commerce. According to CXL, 86% of users are annoyed by having to create online accounts.This leads users to abandon their shopping cart midway, or directly give up when having to create an account.

The solution: Social login to improve conversion rates and data enrichment

Social login is a one-click solution to verify and authenticate users without adding friction. Adding a social login button may improve conversion rates up to 40 %, according to our own in-house studies.

According to CXL, 77 % of users believe social login is a good registration solution.

The perks: Benefits of social login

  • One-click signup. Social login is good for conversion rates in most online business, especially in e-commerces, since it speeds up the signup process and reduces friction for the user.
  • Data enrichment. While short and frictionless forms may hurt engagement or data enrichment, social login keeps both because it gathers data from the social provider.  
📓👉 Learn more about social login, its functioning and its impact on signup flows.

Problem #2: Long checkouts and privacy concerns

While social login might work as a good one-click solution, some users have concerns about their privacy regarding social providers.

The solution: Magic links, the 1-click solution to avoid abandonment in checkout processes

Magic links are said to be the future in terms of online authentication. These authenticated URLs automatically enroll users or authorize payments in e-commerces. Magic links ensure a top-level degree of security, the minimum amount of friction, and a sophisticated solution for modern online forms.

According to WPforms, 76.9 % of shoppers end up abandoning checkout forms.

The perks: Benefits of magic links

  • Security. Authenticated URLs are unique and limited in time, which makes them a secure mean to enroll users or authorize payments. In fact, they are said to substitute passwords.
  • One-click access. One-click systems ensure a low level of friction, which translates into a better user experience and better conversion rates.
📓👉 Learn more about magic links — what are they, how they work and why are they the future of online forms.

Problem #3: Scattered campaigns that drain your resources

Form-based landing pages are the answer for pay-per-click campaigns, but they take plenty of resources when it comes to develop the page, embedding forms, maintaining future changes, etc.

PPC pages replicate the same design and structure, but may display different products or different forms. Replicating this model while keeping the changes is counterproductive when it comes to resources.

The solution: Automated landing pages that target segmented audiences

Automating form-based landing pages can save a good deal of time and be as efficient as ever — it only takes one excel file with your own rules to start publishing PPC form-based pages automatically and segment your audiences.

Replicating pages with a template allows you to save time on repetitive tasks, to produce a larger quantity of pages and address more users and potential buyers.

The perks: Benefits of automated PPC landing pages

  • Time saving. Avoid executing repetitive tasks and save your valuable time for more intricate matters. Launching automated landing pages takes no time, as well as their maintenance.
  • Produce more. Having a quick and trustworthy publishing systems allows you to produce more pages and reach more users.
  • Target more and better. With a larger quantity of pages and a more detailed experience of each, you can target more users and address them in a better way. Segmentation will help you reach your objectives more quickly and efficiently.

Problem #4: Where’s the problem?

Signup forms and checkout forms are the most crucial points of any online company, but they are not addressed thoughtfully. Many different spots can be measured, which may lead to confusion when setting form events or even not setting them at all.

The solution: A/B testing and advanced analytics to improve weak points

Tracking every sensitive spot of a signup flow or checkout process may reveal important weaknesses or reinforce the strong points of the form.

Testing is equally important as tracking — comparing our own intuition with data is the best way to understand our users better and optimize our signup and checkout systems.

The perks: Benefits of A/B testing forms

  • Identify weak and strong spots. When it comes to building websites and forms, there are some best practices you can apply, but there is no magic recipe. Tracking and testing will give you the keys to improve every bit of your site.
  • Improve conversion rates. Knowing the weak and strong points of your site will help you fix cons and take advantage of pros, which will boost your numbers.
  • Better understanding of your users. Testing and tracking helps you with numbers, but you can also apply to the big picture. Use the learnings of every detail and extrapolate it to profile your buyer personas and try to connect with the real people behind those visits.
📓👉 Learn more on how to track form events, regardless of the stack you're using.

The implementation: A no-code editor, compatible with advanced features

Start addressing this common problems and solve them with sophisticated and secure onboarding flows and checkout systems. With Arengu, you can implement any of the solutions mentioned above, as well as any other personalized process you can think of. These are some of the distinctive traits of Arengu:

📝Quick edition: Easy, no-code configuration of forms can be done with a simple drag-and-drop editor.

⚙️Low-code configuration: Setting advanced features takes less time and effort, since you can setup different actions and integrations in Arengu itself. All you need is your private API keys to make them work.

🧠Flexible and custom logic: Every feature or use case in Arengu is compatible with other personalized behavior. You can complement your forms with integrations, automations, or conditional logic.

👨🏽‍💻 Easy embedding: Arengu is stack agnostic, which means it is compatible with any stack or programming language you're using. Plus, the embedding system allows a central control of your forms and a low maintenance of it.  

Give Arengu a try and start building your own personalized signup flow or checkout process the smart way.

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