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October 25, 2020

November 5, 2020

Improving internal communications with form automating actions

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Smart forms are a brand new way of forms. Gone are the days when forms were just a piece for users to communicate or interact with a platform. Now, you can use them to execute tons of actions, upgrade your workflows, and even improve your internal communications. Do you want to know more? Keep reading and find out how to improve your team comms by automating actions from your forms.

Smart forms: The starting point of any business process

Think about the sales process of your online business. Whatever the sector you work at, your pipeline probably starts with a form. Then, why not use it as the starting point that triggers additional actions?

Arengu is a low-code tool that builds smart forms: that is, the form and also the server-side logic behind it. With it, you can take care of the whole process without having to code, and keep all the elements of the form in just one place. This system helps you keep an integral look of the functioning of the form, which helps the whole team understand the mechanism and even collaborate when creating and maintaining the forms.

How to automate internal notifications after the submission of a form

Arengu offers a suite of actions to create logic for your forms. With these actions, you can create a wide variety of functionings for your forms, without having to code. Among these actions, you can find native actions that allow you to integrate your Arengu form with some of the most popular tools in the market. Let's take a look at the actions you can use to improve your team comms.

1. Sending internal notifications

Arengu offers different native actions to carry out internal communication with your team. Why? So you and your colleagues can be informed about what forms are being submitted and with what information. This means you can send notifications to the channels or private chats you want, with the information you want.

In order to do so, Arengu's suite of actions include native actions with Slack and Telegram.

Slack is most likely the most popular tool when it comes to internal communications. Thanks to its great user experience, the organization of the comms into channels and the possibility of opening private chats too has made it the most used SaaS for internal communications.

In the example below, you can see how the data obtained from the lead triggers two different kind of Slack notifications:

Keep in mind you can connect with your preferred communications tool, if it allows connection via API.

2. Sending emails

While Slack is a tool that eliminates communicating without emailing, sending emails is still important. If you prefer to send certain information via email, you can also do so by adding email sending actions to your Arengu flows.

Arengu offers several email delivery actions, with some of the most popular email providers: SendGrid, MailJet and MailChimp.

Simply by adding and configuring them, you can send important information to the proper team member, without having to do it manually. Simply add a flow with your own business rules, and decide when you want team members to be notified by email, and the actions will be automatically executed after your form is submitted by your users.

And what about managing your internal newsletter from here too? You can set your own personalized rules for this too.

In the following example, you can see the Head of Sales will be notified when a big company reaches out, while if the company is rather small, only the CRM will be updated. Remember you can create flows with your own rules!

3. Connecting your form with your own services

Do you have your own internal communication tools? That's alright! You can connect Arengu with any third-party tool that offers an API connection. If this is your case, all you need to do is send a request to your API with the HTTP action. Keep in mind you will need some coding skills to configure this action!

4. Updating your CRM

Most online businesses based on sales rely on customer relationship managers (CRMs), to keep track of their leads and the sales status. By linking your form with a CRM, you'll be automating the creation and update of new contacts in your database. Plus, you can optimize the team's communication, since all the team members that have access to the CRM will have a clear view of the sales pipeline in real time. Being an after-submission action that takes place right after the user clicks on the submission call to action, the data is processed and updated in real time, so you can be sure that your sales team is aligned.

You can connect your Arengu forms with your preferred CRMs, since we support native integrations with the most popular CRM tools: Hubspot, Pipedrive and Active Campaign.

Linking your forms with your preferred sales management systems allows you to refine the process to the fullest. For instance, using Pipedrive allows you to manage several sales pipelines, personalized for each buying choices. You can take the input from your Arengu form and link it to a certain pipeline, assign it to the proper sales agent, etc. This ensures the highest degree of automation, accuracy, and flexibility, since you can completely personalize the logic behind the sales funnel.

Are you willing to try any of these? Try Arengu for free and create your own automated processes and workflows. Start improving the way your team works and communicates, simply by keeping an automatic mechanism!

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