December 14, 2022

December 19, 2022

Our year as a team

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2022 is coming to an end! And we wanted to celebrate this amazing year by collecting the best memories we went through together in Arengu 😀

This year was the first one for some of us in Arengu. It has allowed us to get to know each other and enjoy some great moments and activities together…

As we work 100% remotely, it becomes more necessary to find some days to meet all of us and spend some quality time together. 

May 2022: Our first offsite.

This gathering was done in Cambados, an amazing seaside town in Galicia with great charm. During 5 days, we stayed in a beautiful old house where we were able to meet each other for the first time.

However, due to the Covid, some of our colleagues were unable to attend the event, and we had to improvise…

Cooking was definitely the favourite activity within the team, so we enjoyed the moment to create special dishes. It was, without any doubt, a good activity to learn other qualities about our colleagues…

We also got some awards from the different activities in which we participated and they were a great success…

August 2022: PulpoCon 

The second big gathering was in Vigo where we were able to attend an amazing tech conference. We had lots of “Pulpo a feira” and good conversations with the local tech community.

September 2022: Second offsite

This time, we decided to meet in “A Estrada” for 3 days, another Galician town. We were able to enjoy the forest and disconnect from technology.

Apart from eating and cooking (our speciality), we also participated in one Shinrin-yoku (bath in the forest) where we had to focus on our senses to feel nature without seeing. And we visited the observatory of Astronomy to learn more about the universe.

November 2022: Inaugurating our new office

The last big gathering of the year was in our new office in A Coruña where, for 2 days, we enjoyed celebrating the Secret Santa and giving the presents to our colleagues. And of course, to pay a visit to some restaurants too!

We know that we still have so many gatherings to celebrate in the coming years, but we are glad to be able to share these sweet moments with you. So thank you very much for your reading…


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