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October 25, 2020

April 2, 2020

Product Update - April 2020

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Personalizing the logic behind your forms is one of Arengu's main goals, and that's why these new features are now available on the Flows editor. Plus, an easy and quick social login, so your conversion rates reach the sky. And to top it off, some brand new blocks to upgrade your form's UI. Want to know more about these new features? Keep reading!

More actions for a (even more) personalized functioning of forms

Have you noticed? On the Flows editor, your list of actions is now even more complete, as we added several actions, so you can customize the logic of your forms and add smart movements all throughout your processes.

Arengu's new features - New actions for flows

Submit the form

This final action allows you to top off the functioning of your forms. Now, you can execute the submission after all the logic you have previously set is met. Plus, you can now add a success message right on this action.

This action can be added on any stage or step of your form. Even though the most common option may be to add it at the very end of the form (like in the example below), you can add it wherever you need.

Arengu's new features - Submit the form action

Show error message

When the set requirements for your forms are not met, you can now easily set an action that will display an error message for the user. Even though this was already possible in previous versions of Arengu, now you can set it in an easier and more intuitive way. As you can see in the previous example, the flow ends up with two final actions: submit the form or show an error message. This facilitates a clearer vision of the whole process behind your form.

Show error message - Product Update

Go to the next form step vs. Jump to a form step

When building multi-step forms with Arengu, the most logical option may seem 'Going to the next step'. Still, Arengu allows you to build highly smart forms, and that's why we're bringing the 'Jump to a form step' action.

Go to the next step action - Arengu Product Update

Jumping to a different step allows you to modify and refine the stream all along the form filling. Imagine you want to send users to different steps according to what they filled in the current step. Easily add logic to the form's flow by drag and dropping different actions. You can choose 'Go to the next step' if the flow goes in an ordered sequence, or 'Jump to a form step' if you want to break the sequence and personalize the order of the multi-step form.

Set cookies

The 'Set cookies' action allows you to include cookies on the stages of your choice to identify users or to authenticate them to your site, for instance. As you can see in the example below, a cookie is set after all the previous conditions are met and right before the submission of the form, so the user is authenticated, redirected and logged in the target URL.

Arengu's new features - Set cookies on forms

Set data fields

This new action gathers data from the flow to then display it to the user. In other words, you can take data generated on previous actions of your flow to then display it to the submitter, so they can use it for other purposes. For instance, a user may need an ID -generated by a third-party API- to add it to Google Analytics and track actions related to it.

In the example above, the 'Set data fields' action is carried out when no risk is detected. It gathers data coming from Clearbit (for instance, it detects if the emails are corporate or the revenue of the company) and it executes the submission afterwards.

Try the following demo! Based on the user's email or the enriched information, different actions are executed — either a form submission or continuing to a different step to gather more information.

Easily add a social login button to increase conversion rates on your forms

You've been asking for it and now it's a reality! Our user's feedback is crucial for the development of Arengu, that's why we're now announcing the possibility of adding social login to your forms.

On the Forms editor, you'll see some brand new options: such as social login and new blocks to refine the visible side of your forms.

To add a social login button to your forms, just drag and drop the field and place it wherever you want. Complete the setting by choosing the social provider and adding the client key (available on your social provider platform).

Arengu's new features - Social login for forms

New blocks: Refine the looks of your forms

Previous and next buttons

Multistep forms are proved to increase submissions rates, since they share out and organize the form's fields into shorter sections. To ease the navigation process, we've added the previous and next blocks, so you can add them directly on the Forms editor. Just drag and drop them wherever you like! Thanks to this update, you can now add these buttons with more flexibility, in any position that you like and with an improved design.

Add next and previous button to forms - Product Update Arengu

HTML block

Easily add pieces of HTML to quickly modify some aspects of your form's UI. Thanks to this block, you can add anything you need to adapt your form's interface to your needs.

Rich text block

Add blocks of text with formatting thanks to the new rich text block. You can now add pieces of text to complement your form's info, and optimize its UI. Easily add bold, italics, underline, links, bullet points, numeric lists, headings or even emojis to your texts!

Arengu's new features - Add rich texts to your forms

Are you new to Arengu or would you like to try out its new features? Go ahead and try it for free now!

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