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October 25, 2020

August 7, 2020

Product Update - August 2020

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Learn what's new in Arengu! We've been working hard to deliver the best experience, and this is the result of this month's hard work! New native actions for your favorite CMS, updated social login, and improved validation when using the Flows module are only some of them!

Updated plugin for WordPress and module for PrestaShop

  • Native actions for WordPress and PrestaShop. Building signup or login flows is now easier, since we added a suite of native actions for WordPress and PrestaShop: Check email, Signup, Login with password, and Passwordless login. Check if a determined email is registered in your database, create signups, login forms, or even passwordless authentication simply by selecting the correspondent native action.

📓👉 Explore the Guides & Tutorials section to learn how to create different use cases with the new native actions for PrestaShop and WordPress.

  • Auth with JSON web tokens. We have switched from cookies to JSON web tokens to authenticate users, so integrating these plugins in your CMS website is easier than ever! You can know forget about setting cookies and create flows in a faster and easier way.
  • Magic links. Plus, this update also comes with the possibility of adding magic links to your flows. You can use them to create passwordless forms or multi-factor authentication forms in your WordPress or PrestaShop site. As usual, all it takes is some minutes to configure the actions and your form with magic links will be ready to go.

📓👉 Learn how to create a form with magic links for your CMS with our step-by-step guide.

Improved social login

Social login is a particularly interesting way of logging users because it enriches your database with valuable information. That is why you can now find the information about your users' social profile in your database and recall it in your signup or login flows.

Automatic flow validation

When building your flows in the Flows editor, errors will now show when switching from one action to another, so you can correct them one at a time. Plus, the number of errors is displayed in each action, so you know exactly what you need to change and where.

Improved user experience

Arengu is constantly improving, that's why you can also find changes in the UX of the editor and in the SDK, so you and your users can enjoy a better experience both when you create your forms and when the users fill them in.

Keep an eye on the Arengu blog and social media and be the first in learning the latest news in Arengu!

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