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October 25, 2020

December 2, 2021

Product Update - December, 2021

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Winter is coming, but the new release brings brilliant features with it. Build new use cases and greatly improve the UX of your forms with the new phone fields... and the file upload.

The file upload

Allow users to attach files to their submission by including this new field in the form. 

By default, it is configured to upload a single file but you can change this in the field settings. The maximum size is 20MB per file and you can allow users to upload 10 files.

Any type of file can be uploaded by default (audio, video, documents or list of extensions custom), although you can modify this option by activating the ‘Specify allowed file types’ and selecting the type (or types) from the selector.

You can also indicate the extension of the type of files you want to allow to upload. Also, these two options are not exclusive, so you can combine them.

Once the form is submitted, you can check in the ‘Executions’ tab of the flow the data structure of each file and get the URL to download it.

  fileUrl: "",
  fileName: "Blank form.csv",
  mediaType: "text/csv",
  size: "1000"

Phone fields with country picker

Now phone number fields include a built-in country selector by default, that you can activate or deactivate from the field settings.

In addition to allowing the user to search for a country by text and the corresponding international code, it performs some validations:

  • It automatically identifies the country from the user's IP, although the user can modify it by opening the drop-down and selecting another one.
  • It validates the length and format of the phone number based on the selected country, displaying an error in case it doesn’t match the requirements.

Once the form is submitted, this field sends an object that includes:

  "tel_YGAC": {
    "countryCode": "US",
    "countryCodeIso": "US",
    "countryCodeNumber": "1",
    "internationalFormat": "+1 202-555-0136",
    "internationalNumber": "+12025550136",
    "nationalFormat": "(202) 555-0136",
    "nationalNumber": "2025550136",
    "number": "+12025550136",

Note that the properties 'number' and 'countryCode' are already deprecated. They have been replaced by 'internationalNumber' and 'countryCodeIso' respectively.

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