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September 3, 2020

December 12, 2022

Product Update - December, 2022

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This is our last product update of the year! And we want to take the time to announce that a big change is coming early next year. This month we’re adding new flow actions with Auth0 to use the Management API, Salesforce integration to manage your leads, new social login providers with GitHub and LinkedIn, and we’re adding Vault connection for JWT flow actions.

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Auth0 flow actions: Create, Update and Get user

We’ve added new flow actions to use the Auth0 Management API. This is useful if you need to create flows that:

  • Create users programmatically.
  • Update users information (root properties, user_metada and app_metada) without passing sensitive information on the front channel.
  • Read users' information. Useful to create custom business logic based on the information you already have from the user.

Before using these actions, you will need to create a M2M application on Auth0. Learn here how to create one.

Salesforce integration to manage leads

Now we’re offering support for Salesforce integration with the following flow actions:

  • Create lead
  • Update lead
  • Search leads
  • Get lead

These actions will make managing your leads workflows easier in different scenarios, for example, after someone creates an account or if you want to gather extra information about your current users.

You can also use custom fields, you just need to specify the “Field Name” in your flow action settings. You can find them under the “Fields & Relationship” section:

LinkedIn and GitHub social providers

There are two new social providers to authenticate and sign up users with just one click:

  • LinkedIn
  • GitHub

We associate the gathered user properties with the OpenID standard claims, so it is easier for you to reference variables in your flows regardless of the social provider.

  "social": {
    "provider": "GITHUB",
    "accessToken": "eyJhbGciOiJSUzI1NiIsImtpZCI6IjZhZG...",
    "profile": {
      "name": "Jane Doe",
      "email": "",
      "given_name": "Jane",
      "family_name": "Doe",
      "sub": "104255271847926400180"

To configure these providers you will need to create the corresponding app. Learn here how to create one.

Vault connection for JWT flow actions

Before this, you had to configure your JWT flow actions with the same settings across your multiple flows. Now you can connect your JWT settings to the Vault and reuse them across your flows in a secure way

A big change is coming: the new editor

Since the beginning of Arengu, we’ve learned signups flows are very unique depending on the industry, the stage of the company, the security, among other factors. We’ve also received a lot of feedback from you about how you build these flows, so we want to announce that a new editor is upcoming early next year.

We’re launching an improved experience for building signup/onboarding flows regardless of the complexity or the multiple integrations you need to use. This new editor will bring a lot of new features to ease building your signups, and specially, it will dramatically improve the understanding of your flows and the different paths a user can take:

If you want to be among the first to try this new experience, join our early access program to receive an invitation as soon as we launch our private beta.

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