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October 25, 2020

March 10, 2021

Product Update - February, 2021

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February has brought many new features to both editors: new fields and configurations, new actions, functions... and even a layout redesign. Keep reading to know them all!

New cards field in forms

Display selection options as cards and include images and GIFs. Simply drag and drop this item from the left menu into the form, and add as many options as you need on its settings menu. 

Click on the picture icon to include the image URL and add the internal value for each option by clicking on Advanced > Internal values. Just input the corresponding value, payment amount or the ID of a Stripe subscription for each option, and save.

The divider block

Separate content blocks within a form step simply by dragging and dropping this element to the form. You can also add a text in the middle of the divider by writing it in the text field of the right menu.

Add a custom subject to form notifications

Now form notifications include a text field where you can personalize their subject. Write the text directly in this field and include form name and form ID variables or any other form field, using the proper syntax.

Create an organization in Pipedrive

The available set of native actions now includes a new one for Pipedrive, which allows you to easily register a new organization in your contact list. The setup of this action is quite simple, just paste the API token and reference the variables that you want to include.

Find a customer in Stripe

Easily check if a customer is already included in your Stripe customers list in order to use this information on the flow. Simply copy the API key of your Stripe account and paste it into the proper field of the native action, and reference also the email variable.

New functions to parse data

Now you can also transform data using parsing functions on inputs. The functions you can currently use are toBoolean(), toNumber() and toString(), and we have also included the possibility of using length() to get the length of a string and other elements.

Improved form editor layout

On the form editor, now you can easily view and access the flows that are connected to a form. Get the information you need about the server-side logic behind each form step at a glance and click on each flow to access its edition.

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