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October 25, 2020

February 5, 2021

Product Update - January, 2021

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This year has started with many new features and some redesigns in Arengu: native actions, search and filtering options, authenticated payments… and even our own onboarding, login and registration flows.

If you want to discover everything about the latest developments and what 2021 is going to bring to our SaaS… keep on the road with us!

The actions list redesign

Now you can also save time on finding the action you need from the side menu, without having to scroll through an increasingly long list 😉 

The changes we have made on the list to make it easier to use include:

  • Grouping categories, displayed in the list to make it easier to locate groups of related actions at a glance.
  • A new search bar, which allows you to directly search for actions by their name but also by related keywords. For example, if we input CRM in the search bar, it will return and show as a result all the actions available for CRMs.
  • A new feedback form, so you can suggest new integrations while you are using the app. It will help us a lot to know the needs and ideas that arise during its use.

New! Airtable native actions

The new available set of native actions allows you to easily manage Airtable records in your flows and set up custom automations. You can use them to easily create, update and list records in your Airtable account in any stage of the form.

Connect Airtable with Arengu by simply pasting a few data from your account. To set up these actions, you just need your account’s API key, the Base ID and name of the table that you want to manage.

Using variables in HTML blocks

Now you can include variables also in HTML blocks in any step of the form. Simply remember to use the proper syntax format. You can check it in our documentation.

New payment field options

Add trial days when creating a subscription plan. By including this info in the payment field configuration, Stripe will not charge the user until the end of that period of time. 

You can directly input the number of days you want the trial to last or reference the value of another field using our variable syntax.

The platform has also been adapted to use the 3D Secure protocol, allowing banks to request a second authentication method, such as an SMS or a notification in their app. 

If you make a payment with a payment field, Stripe will automatically display a popup in which you will have to input the second authentication factor requested by your bank.

Rethinking our onboarding experience

During this time, we have also redesigned our login, registration and user onboarding processes which, how could it be otherwise, are built with our own tool and include new frictionless and passwordless options.

In addition, we have made improvements on the walkthrough of the product, such as including a checklist to guide the first steps of new users and that allows them to return to the tour at the exact point where they left off.

Do you want to try it by yourself? Sign up free or schedule a demo with our team, and take a look at all the use cases to discover everything it can do for you.

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