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October 25, 2020

July 10, 2020

Product Update - July 2020

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Summer is already here... and so are our new features! This release brings important improvements on editor's UX when adding styles and finding bugs, but it also includes new actions and possibilities with Pipedrive and PrestaShop. Let's take a peek!

Custom styles on forms

Refresh their look and feel, in no time. The new version of the form editor allows you to completely customize colors and fonts without the need to inject CSS by yourself. Now you can do it faster and easier with the new preview and color pickers.

This editor allows you to change the most basic styles of your forms, but if you want to make a more advanced customization, you can use all these CSS variables!

It also allows you to select how to display the edges on inputs fields and square buttons: square, very rounded or just a little. They will be showed a little rounded by default, but you can choose different curvatures from template.

UX improvements in flows debugger

From now on, the actions with errors will be marked with a flag on 'Executions' tab, to make them more easy and quickly to detect.

This means that you will be able to see at a glance where execution errors are, when you open debugger mode. Now you don't have to check them one by one!

Native integrations with Pipedrive

We have also added new native actions to automatically create persons and deals in this CRM platform, and assign them to a manager, instead of doing it one by one by yourself.

These actions allow you also to easily add server-side and conditional logic, to create deals only when the contact is really interesting for your team. For example, if the person who has registered is using a corporate address.

Now you can automate it in a few minutes, simply pasting the API token from Pipedrive in the editor, saving a lot of time both for your sales and development teams!

And coming soon...

We are working on magics links for our PrestaShop and WordPress plugins, improving them to generate and send users a unique URL to log them in, among many other new features and native actions that will save you a lot of development time.

If you want to discover more, stay tuned on our Twitter account!

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