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October 25, 2020

August 18, 2021

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Willing to build custom sign-up flows with Firebase and Amazon Cognito? This release brings exciting news when it comes to integrating authentication providers in flows, in addition to new OAuth connections with common external services.

Authenticate users to Firebase

Easily integrate the Firebase authentication services in your signup and login processes, even if they are passwordless, with the new set of native actions.

Just save the connection data of your account in the vault to integrate it and reuse it as many times as you need to configure the actions even faster.

The Firebase native actions that you can start using in your flows are:

  • Sign up. Register users with email and password, name, phone number and local ID.
  • Look up. Check if a user is registered by searching for an email or local ID.
  • Passwordless login. Allow your users to log in without a password, by sending a JWT to Firebase to authenticate them.

Signup and lookup with Cognito 

New native actions are also available with Cognito, AWS’ provider for authentication, authorization, and user management for web and mobile apps. 

Securely store the connection data in the vault to integrate Cognito. Simply reference the proper variables to identify your users and configure the new native actions. 

The Cognito native actions that are now available are:

  • Sign up. Register each user with a unique user pool ID and username. Associate a name, email, password, phone number too and even an alternative username.
  • Look up. Check if a user is registered by searching for the user pool ID and username.

Thanks to Arengu flows and Cognito workflows, you can also build passwordless flows. We will post a tutorial on how to configure them soon.

New OAuth connections

Integrate Stripe, Slack, Hubspot and Mailchimp in your flows with their OAuth connection.

Just click on the plus button of the ‘Connection’ field of the action you want to configure and select the connection type that you prefer.

Remember that you can save different connection data for each service in the vault and reuse them to configure actions faster.

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