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October 25, 2020

June 5, 2020

Product Update - June 2020

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Another month, another batch of features and updates in Arengu. June comes along with some serious improvements that will refine your experience when creating smart forms. Personalize user experience and save time when building your forms and flows. Learn how!

Shared state in between executions

This new feature allows to share data among one submission journey in order to recall data from previous actions, even if they come from different flows.

This feature comes in handy, for instance, to avoid asking for certain user's data twice. For instance, you could get user's data from your own API and reuse it later on in a successive flow action.

Shared state in between flows (submission journey)

States can be shared only for one submission journey. In other words, it is shared only among different flows executions associated to one form, and only when one person executes those flows in a particular sequence of time. That is, the state won't be shared if more people are filling in the form, or if the same person fills in the form later on from scratch.

Shared workspaces

Professional users of Arengu can now start trying a beta version of shared workspaces. These allow you to separate your forms and flows in different and isolated environments.

Shared workspaces allow teams to collaborate easily in the creation of their smart forms, since they can access determined forms and flows and participate jointly in the creation process. For instance, you could create a workspace by giving access to your team, your project members, and so on and so forth.

To open your workspaces, click on you user icon, on the bottom-right side of your screen:

Workspaces in Arengu - Collaborative form builder

Then you can select the workspace you'd like to work in, as you can see in the image below.

Workspaces in Arengu - Collaborative form builder

Autocomplete with form's data

One of Arengu's most powerful features is the possibility to interconnect different pieces of your form to get a dynamic experience. Chaining actions or recalling data are some of the main uses of referencing variables in your forms and flows. But this wasn't always easy, and that's why we're now introducing an improved autocomplete feature.

The autocomplete feature will ease the experience for the users of Arengu, since they can now choose what to make reference to, instead of typing it from scratch, without having to complete a submission of the form. Even if you haven't executed your flows yet, you will be able to see all the options you can make reference to and easily select them.

Click on + , right next to the reference field. You will be displayed with a list of forms. If your flow is already connected to a form, you will see the variables from that particular form, including the fields from all the steps of your form. If your flow is not connected to any form yet, you will be able to choose from all your forms, as you can see in the example below:

Product Update: Autocomplete feature in forms

Once you select your form, you will see a list with all the values you can make reference to. Simply select the one, and your form will be working. Easily and smartly.

Product Update: Autocomplete feature in forms

Did you make changes in your form and you're not sure the reference is valid anymore? No problem! Use the Refresh button to apply the changes and autocomplete the reference field, placed at the bottom right of the drill-down list. The list of data will be updated and you won't lose your progress.

Social login with Google

On previous updates, we proudly announced the possibility of adding social login to your login and signup forms. Now, you can start granting access to your users with Google as the social provider. This new possibility enables you to gather data from your user's social profile in Google.

Social login with Google in Arengu

In order to add a social login with Google to your forms, simply select the Social login block and drop it in your form. Click on the Social login button and configure it with the menu on the right side of your editor. You can select your social provider under Social providers.

Dynamic hint texts

Recalling information from the form itself is a great feature to personalize the user experience even more. So why not recalling data in hint texts as well?

A handy use of this brand new feature is to add a hint text after a one-time password is sent to the user. This way, you can easy the filling process by letting the user what to do next, and the user can verify if the email introduced is correct.

As you can see in the example below, we added a text to the hint space: Enter the verification code sent to {{email}}. The reference will be automatically filled with what the user filled in previously.

Product Update: Recall information in hint texts in forms

Arengu module for PrestaShop

Introducing Arengu's new module for PrestaShop! Now, you can build your login, signup or passwordless forms with Arengu and easily add them into your PrestaShop site. Create your smart form with Arengu and embed it wherever you want with simply two lines of code.

This new module allows you to build login forms, signup forms, or passwordless forms via a secured API, so you can connect Arengu's services and integrations with your ecommerce.

Keep an eye on our blog to know how to build your signup and login forms for PrestaShop!

Want to explore our new features? Register for free or log in to see it for yourself!

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