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October 25, 2020

June 16, 2022

Product Update - June, 2022

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The new release is here and it brings many important features. Add users to your workspaces, send messages and temporary codes with Twilio and WhatsApp in different formats, authenticate users with Supabase, and much more. Read on to discover them all!

Add members to a workspace

You can now send invitations to add your colleagues to a workspace. Simply open the workspace settings in your user profile and click the 'Invite members' button. 

Then simply write the email of the person you want to add to the workspace and select the role you want to assign.

Right now you can choose between these roles:

  • Owner: The person to whom the workspace belongs. This role can edit the billing information and the plan they have contracted. This user cannot be deleted and there can only be one per workspace.
  • Admin: This role can add and edit flows, but it doesn’t have billing permissions. Soon it will also be able to delete users.

In the future a new role will be added. The role of 'Editor' will allow users to see and edit flows but not manage other users' permissions or billing information.

Send message via WhatsApp

Start sending messages in your flows with the new native action. Trigger custom notifications, verify users, and create passwordless flows by sending OTP codes with it.

To configure it, connect your account, indicate from which number to which phone number they are sent, and include a JSON object with the message and OTP. You can check the documentation on how to build the JSON object.

Make a call with Twilio

Trigger automatic phone calls to mobile phone numbers and landlines, with the 'Make call with Twilio' action. For example, you can use it to verify your uses by sending voice OTPs.

To configure this action, connect your account and reference both the sending and receiving phone numbers, plus build the message in XML format. Of course, you can reference variables in it. Check here how to build the XML.

Signup and auto-login with Supabase 

Easily authenticate users with Supabase in your signup and login processes with the new set of native actions. Connect your account by pasting its API URL and Service key, and reference the email and the password input by the user. Plus you can include custom data by listing it in the ‘Data’ section. 

A ‘Generate link’ action is also available to build passwordless and user verification flows. This action generates the URL to log the user in, so you just have to reference it in the ending screen of the form to make the redirect automatically.

Choice fields with ‘other’ options

A free response option is available in 'Choice' fields, where the users can add their own one. When the user clicks on this option, a text field will appear to write it.

To use it, just activate the 'Other choice' checkbox in the field settings. It is compatible with both single-choice and multiple-choice fields, and you can choose whether or not to display a label and a custom placeholder.

Have you already tried them? Send us your feedback!

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