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October 25, 2020

March 8, 2022

Product Update - March, 2022

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The new release is here! Extend Arengu's capabilities and features with the new custom fields, and share your use cases with your team and the community, in one click.

Custom fields

Custom fields allow you to create components that implement specific logic or UI using JavaScript code. Some use cases to use custom fields could be:

  • Fields with a custom data structure (eg. objects, array of strings...).
  • Fields that use 3rd party widgets (eg. Google Address Autocomplete).
  • Fields with logic to hide/show other fields.
  • Fields which require external APIs to get a value.

Custom fields have 3 main settings:

  • Params: this will allow you to pass parameters to your source code. You can include references like in the rest of Arengu.
  • Source code: here you will need to implement a function written in JavaScript that returns an object with some specific methods.
  • JSON schema: you can validate your field server-side using JSON schema.

Here is an example of the source code:

function myCustomField(context) {
  const ibanInput = document.createElement('input');

  return {
    init() {
      return ibanInput;

    block() {
      ibanInput.disabled = true;

    unblock() {
      ibanInput.disabled = false;

    getValue() {
      return ibanInput.value.replaceAll(' ', '');

Learn more about custom fields in our documentation.

Import and export scenarios

Share your use cases with other users, by exporting a form and all flows connected to it in JSON format. Move them from one workspace to another in just one click.

To export a scenario, open the form you want to export and click on the 'Export scenario' option that drops down from the 'Preview' button. 

To import a scenario, go to the forms editor and click on the 'Import scenario' option that drops down from the ‘Create form’ button, to open the import wizard.

If necessary, modify the names of the form and the flows connected to it, and adjust the connections of the integrations that you are going to import. The wizard will automatically check the connections for matches, but you will be able to edit these settings.

Thanks to this feature you will be able to:

  • Share use cases. Download your forms and the flows linked to it, and share them with the Arengu user community.
  • Create backups. Create a backup of your scenarios in just one click and save it to your computer. To retrieve that version, just import it back into the form editor.
  • Test faster. Make the changes you want to test without having to create the scenario from scratch. Duplicate it in a single click and edit it in minutes.
  • Deploy easier. Save time when working with more than one dev environment. Export scenarios from preproduction and import them to production, in no time.

Coming soon! Native widgets

Thanks to the implementation of the custom fields, we will soon deploy a native version of the most used widgets in signup and onboarding flows.

From Calendly or Chili Piper, to Google Address Autocomplete and Passbase ID verification, you will be able to embed these widgets by dragging and dropping a field, and pasting a couple of data to connect your account.

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