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October 25, 2020

May 12, 2020

Product Update - May 2020

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Our latest product update focuses on new features to personalize even more your use cases, as well as on improving user experience both for you and your users. Arengu's new product features aim to personalize your forms even more. Now you can set different price options on your payment forms and track submissions in a more precise way.

Keep reading to see what's new on Arengu and take advantage of its new features.

Dynamic payments

In order to display several pricing options, you can now operate with dynamic payments on your payment forms. This is a useful feature for donation forms, where the user is free to write down the amount they'd like to pay.

You can also display several options, according to your product characteristics, so your users can make their choice, as you can see in the example below.

If you'd like to start building your dynamic payment form with Arengu, you can read more details in our blog.

Relation between forms and flows

Improve your own navigation through the platform with the new visualization of your forms. Now, you can identify your forms and flows easily, since we added new view options on the forms editor. Every form card displays the number of flows connected to it. Click on each form to see which flows you have connected.

You can see form structure and which flows you are connected

Relaxed conditionals: More flexibility on type comparison

When comparing different types of data in an If/then condition, you will now encounter less errors, since we adjusted the comparison rules. The action will now recognize the types of values entered (for instance, boolean, array, string, object, etc.), and adjust them so they can be compared. This will refine the result of the If/then condition and improve the execution of your flows afterwards.

Track the submission step

On previous product updates, we proudly announced Arengu allowing personalized form navigation, thanks to new actions like Go to the next step and Jump to a form step. You can now build dynamic forms with submission CTAs in different steps of your form. In order to track your form events correctly, you can now see which stages of your form led to submission.

Submission details includes the step from where form was submitted

Optimized saving of actions on the Flows editor

We've optimized the Flows editor, so your actions can be saved in an easier way. This update eliminates friction when building server-side logic for your forms, since you can add actions and configure them in a faster and smoother way. Now, you can simply click on Publish to apply your final changes.

Payment field optimization

On payment forms, we have carried out some updates so your submitters can enjoy an optimized user experience, as well as optimizing error handling. For instance, the payment field has been updated so the user can navigate in between steps without losing the values entered.

Add flows... And edit them later

Would you like to connect a flow, but build it later? Now you can do so, by adding them in the Forms > Flows section. This way, you can decide what kind of server-side logic is connected to your form, and create all the details later on. Save even more time by adding an empty form . Once you finished your tasks on the Forms editor, you can switch to the Flows editor and build the details.

JSON preview optimization

When visualizing a JSON object (especially in your Executions tab), you can now choose to see the texts as Code or as View.

Example of View mode in the Executions tab.

The Code visualization will be displayed by default, so you can detect possible errors in a faster way — for instance, unwanted spaces that may cause errors on the flow execution.

Example of the Code visualization option in the Executions tab.

If you're new to Arengu or you'd like to try out these new features, go ahead and register for free now!

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