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October 25, 2020

September 4, 2020

Product Update - September 2020

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Summer is almost over and it's time to get down to business again! This release brings new features that will make it much easier to set up dynamic forms, server-side logic and API integrations, but also to create really common use cases, in no time. Take a look!

Reorder flow actions ↕️ ↔️

Move an action, and all those in the branch that hang from it, without the need to delete, create and set them up again. Until now, if you made a mistake when adding an action, you had to add a new one in the right place and configure all the parameters again. This issue is over, and now you can change the position of the actions with a new toolbar.

It may seem like a minor detail, but it will really improve your own UX when setting up server-side logic, especially if you are building complex flows and conditional logic.

New guided wizard — ✨🧙‍♂️

Create advanced use cases in a more guided and customizable way, avoid common mistakes and save even more time on setting up flows and integrations.

Now each template allows you to select the external services and technologies that you want to integrate, in order to automatically create flows with the proper native actions. This way, you will only need to copy and paste API keys and Secret keys to set them up.

Now you will be much more agile when creating your forms and flows with Arengu, and we also hope it helps to flatten the learning curve of the editor ;)

Dynamic forms improvements 💬

'Rich text' blocks now allows you to reference variables from fields that the user has filled up in the previous steps, and hidden fields, even in the first step of the form. All you need to do is to reference them in {{mustache}} format, with the proper data structure.

Now you can create even more flexible and personalized dynamic forms, combining this with the use of conditional logic flows and data enrichment actions. Check our guides and tutorials to discover all the possibilities and use cases!

Simplified error handling in HTTP requests

The behavior related to 4XX status codes has been modified to don't generate errors when configuring business logic. As you can see, the checkboxes of these actions have been changed in order to manage better and more easily these status codes.

As you might know, any request that returned a 4XX was considered an error until now in Arengu, making the flow stop, but these codes are very common in requests to API, and this caused some errors when configuring business logic.

This behavior has been modified to prevent them from generating errors. In any case, error codes are still managed, so the output 'success' property of these actions will still remain 'false'. We hope it will help you to set up these actions easier and quicker.

Do you want to try it by yourself? Sign up free or schedule a demo with our team, and take a look at all the use cases to discover everything we can do for you.

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