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November 11, 2020

April 2, 2019

The impact of social login on conversion rates

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Increasing the sign-up conversion rates must be the main goal of any digital business. But, how can you do it? Social login is one of the most efficient ways to achieve it. This is an easy way to simplify the login process. And by simplifying the login process, your sign-up conversion rate will increase. What are the main benefits of social login? Arengu provides all the info you need to know!

What is social login?

Social login is an easy login process. Users use their existing login information of a specific social network in order to log on to another website instead of creating a new account by introducing all the data from scratch. This process is easier for them, as they don’t need to create a new username and password to remember.

Apart from this, social login entails a conversion rate increase in every device, but mainly in mobile. Actually, we’ve seen case studies where the conversion rate had been increased by 40%. It is very useful in order to acquire valuable customer info and to reduce the shopping cart abandonment. Approximately 75% of the online purchase abandonment is due to the registration process that takes place before buying.

What are the main benefits of social login?

Social login is comfortable for users and increases your conversion rate for registrations. But there are still more benefits for you.

  • It boosts the sign-up process. The registration process and the login are faster, from 1 minute to 1 second. This will have an impact on your sign-up conversion rate.
  • It is useful to enable social functionalities. Users can share, comment or even play games without creating an account or wasting time by typing their credentials.
  • It doesn’t require to create a new password. This process uses the info of the users social accounts, so they have one password less to manage. This is something they really appreciate.
  • It means less failed logins. They only need to tap on the social account they want to use. Therefore, they won’t fill in their data incorrectly. Smartphone users might be the ones who appreciate this option the most, as sometimes it is uncomfortable to type this info by using this device.
  • It increases your site confidence. Users will trust your website more, if you have Social Login. If you have a brand that is not very well known yet, familiar logos like Instagram or Facebook will provide an atmosphere of comfort.
  • You can test your conversions. You should add 2 or 3 options, e.g., Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, and test your conversions. At the same time, users can decide the identity they want to share with you having better control over their online identity.
  • It enriches your database and increases its quality. Of course, it will depend on the permissions you ask for. On the whole, with social login you can collect valuable social data that will be useful for you to decide which kind of content you offer to specific users. At the same time, it increases your email sender reputation by managing verified emails.
  • You can personalize and improve the user experience. Social login makes it possible to add the users profile pics and interests to your platform.
  • You can improve your segmentation: The instant demographic and psychographic data that social login offers are useful to achieve a better segmentation. You have a lot of valuable data about your users, and they are also interesting to learn where to focus your goal-targeted efforts.

How does social login work on the user side?

Social Login is an amazing ally in every login or checkout process. Even in your forms. How does social login work?

  • Users checkout or register by using their social networks. They don’t need to type all their info, e.g., their name or their email, as it is already in their social login.
  • Users choose the social network they want to use. Asking for permissions is an essential action regarding this issue.
  • Users can customize their profile. They can log on to your website by using their social login, including their profile pic, and then add extra info to their profile.
  • You can segment your audience. Get the most out of their social graph data to offer them a unique experience.

Arengu allows you to create login or signup forms with social login, so your users can sign in or up with just one clic. Try Arengu for free and find out how to create dynamic and smart forms with no code.

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