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October 25, 2020

October 19, 2021

Top 5 performing places to embed your signup form

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Need to boost the conversion of your signup forms? In addition to improving the registration form itself, it is also important to check where the calls to action are placed.

Discover the best performing places to add your signup form in a non-intrusive way with examples of some of the most cutting-edge online products and services.

1. Website homepage

Nothing better than placing your registration form in the most visible part of your homepage so that it is visible and accessible as soon as users access it. 

It may seem obvious but there are still many online businesses that miss this place, being one of the ones that provides the best results.

2. Modal windows

Another good place to put your registration forms is along the pages where you explain your product, close to your main value propositions.

Provide a quick access to the signup form as close as possible to your main sales arguments, and check how your user registrations increase. Webflow implements this by embedding the form in a modal window that opens when you click on each call to action.

3. Signup page

One of the most common options is to create a page exclusively for the registration form and redirect to it from all the calls to action on the web.

Auth0 is one of the many companies that use this option, taking advantage of the page to give visibility to their value proposition again.

4. Below blog posts

If you have a good content marketing strategy, it is likely that many new users will come to your website through search engines or social networks. 

As the Airtable team has done, placing the signup button right at the end of each post will increase and make it easier for users who have reached the end of it to register. This is also a good place to place the subscription form for the newsletter, if you have one.

5. Landing pages

You can greatly increase the reach of your business by launching specific landing pages aimed at different segments of your audience. 

Placing the signup button at the top of your landing pages is a very good way to encourage and facilitate registration.

Landingi, the landing page creation software, uses this technique in their own landing pages and Privalia, the outlet store, generates landings for specific products and collaboration campaigns with other companies.

Improve your signup form conversion with Arengu

If you are looking for ways to increase the conversion of your website and your registration forms, Arengu is the tool you are looking for:

  1. Build your signup form. Create advanced forms with email and phone verification, payments, data enrichment, etc. from templates and easily integrate your CRM.
  2. Embed it anywhere. Place your form wherever you want and on any technology stack by simply copying and pasting a line of code.
  3. Test and iterate. Connect your current analytics stack and run A/B tests by duplicating the form with one click. Easily make the changes you need with the drag and drop editor.
  4. Launch landing pages campaigns. Create dedicated signup pages at scale in no time and without effort, with a simple CMS based on HTML templates.

Sign up free or book a demo with us, and start boosting the conversion of your forms.

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