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October 25, 2020

May 24, 2022

Top 5 widgets to embed in your KYC & KYB forms

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Verifying user identities is a time-consuming task for any business that also tends to add friction to registration forms and flows. But nowadays many software companies have developed totally automated products to solve this issue.

Today we review our favorite KYC and KYB software solutions, so you can save a lot of time and resources when implementing them in your signup forms.

1. Cognito

Cognito is an identity management solution focused on simplifying ID verification flows with cutting-edge technology solutions. It helps companies with KYC and AML compliance with a system based on hundreds of data sources.

Their ID verification services and APIs allow companies to optimize the user registration experience. They are specialized on honing in on the problems that high growth companies face to deliver products tailored for large onboarding volumes.

Why do we like it?

  • Solid & Easy to integrate. Their ID verification of global customers is really comprehensive and easy to integrate into any sign up flow. Plus their developer-first infrastructure can be implemented without any code.
  • Accuracy & Speed. Verification results are displayed in a matter of seconds. Their scoring system also allows companies to make quick decisions and determine custom factors that need further review.
  • Partnerships & Personalization. Cognito presents cutting-edge integrations, partnerships and customization options. Plus it analyzes thousands of document types around the world, along with liveness and selfie verification.

2. Passbase

Passbase is an ID verification engine that allows businesses to verify and manage their users' identity information with a suite of tools and dashboards. It authenticates 6,000+ government issued ID documents from over 190 countries both on web and mobile.

It offers a set of SDKs to integrate facial recognition, liveness detection, ID authenticity checks, and ID information extraction into your own service, plus privacy protections that allow individual users to control their own identity data.

Why do we like it?

  • ID documents & NIST technology. Passbase authenticates 6,000+ government issued identity documents from over 190 countries and matches IDs to faces with top-ranked NIST technology via ID documents, selfies, and government databases. 
  • Re-authentication option. For faster onboarding flows, returning users and customers are authenticated within seconds by taking a selfie which is compared to their previously stored one. And no password is required for them.
  • Cross-platform support. A set of webhooks to allow real time data transfer with your backend. It can be integrated through HTML+JavaScript, React, Angular, among others, and a Hosted Web Link (no-code solution) is also provided. 

3. Veriff

Easily verify your users’ identity with Veriff’s AI infrastructure, a highly automated ID verification software that analyzes multiple and custom indicators, including biometrics and facial recognition, in a matter of seconds.

The service is provided to companies as an API, offering protection from identity fraud and theft with leading AI-driven technology, allowing businesses to easily comply with regulations without adding too much friction to their flows. 

Why do we like it?

  • Intuitive dashboard. Veriff’s dashboard is very intuitive and excellent for businesses that need to verify the identity of users through biometric solutions. It considerably reduces manual review time and fraud risk.
  • Verification speed. The platform presents a 98% check automation rate and 6 second average decision time. In addition, over 9,500 identity documents are covered and 95% of users are verified on the first try.
  • Customer support. The Veriff team is really committed and they have an excellent customer support team. They will solve all your doubts about the product and your KYC compliance and regulations in the blink of an eye.

4. Onfido

Securely start the customer lifecycle without adding friction to it with Onfido. Their AI-based technology has been trusted by companies like Revolut, Zipcar and Bitstamp to build custom and secure user onboarding flows.

Prove your users identities using government-issued ID cards and facial biometrics with the Real Identity platform, and compare them with multiple highly reliable data sources to check if the passport or ID card is fraudulent.

Why do we like it?

  • Smooth & Flexible. It provides great flexibility when it comes to customizing identification flows and integrating it into your own ones. In addition, a friendly and easy to use interface smoothes out the learning curve of the product.
  • Quick & Clear signals. The product does a really good job of filtering out user IDs. Every document is verified using AI without manual interpretation but it also provides a lot of clear signals and checks to personally review and validate them.
  • Reliability & Stability. Onfido covers a large region for their services and the risk factors used by many banks, so the results are quick and entirely accurate. Their API uptime is 99% and hardly face any downtimes.

5. Persona

Persona has been designed to handle the complexities of collecting, verifying, and managing personal data, enabling businesses and companies to verify their users with a widget that can be embedded in a few lines of code.

It can be accessed by API and offers a suite of components with worldwide coverage, and It collects other signals such as device, location, and behavioral inputs to provide an even more complete view of the risk profile of a user. 

Why do we like it?

  • Flexible & Easy to use. Persona's iframe system makes it easy to create and import a ready-to-use user verification workflow into your app or website. Plus you can create pretty flexible webhooks with automated components.
  • Scope & Coverage. It offers a complete suite of automated ID verification components with worldwide coverage — 190+ countries and 20 languages — from government-issued IDs through to biometrics.
  • No-code & Customization. It offers low-code and no-code options, it can be accessed by API, and added to your flows with less than 10 lines of code. Plus it can be branded to create custom-tailored flows that cover any use case.

Have you tried any of them? Are you missing any other KYC or KYB widget? Sign up free to try them on your forms, book a demo with our team, or send us feedback!

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