Case studies

Scaling 1:1 ad-to-page matching to increase 37% conversion rates and reduce ad costs

About Privalia

Privalia is a private ecommerce company, specialized in sectors such as fashion, accessories, beauty, home decor and technology. The site offers special and exclusive discounts only for their members.

Today, Privalia counts more 28 M registered users around the world, it features more than 7,000 registered brands and got around 3,7 M sales.

The challenge

Building a short signup form that implied user verification

Any user registration form must be as short as possible to ensure good user experience. Still, some extra security features must be added in order to avoid fraud and keep a clean user database. 

In Privalia’s case, it was necessary to implement a short and easy signup process that allowed a greater number of users to register. But it was also needed to add a verification system to prevent the overuse of certain offers. Fraudulent accounts needed to be avoided from entering the database.

Apart from a great signup experience and verification, Privalia needed to be able to launch pay-per-click pages massively. With them, they would be able to reach way more customers and segment their audience wisely. The challenge laid in saving manual work and time resources that were wasted in launching these product-based pages.

"Arengu is a key part of our acquisition strategy to build personalized sign-up pages at scale. They are a flexible and easy-to-use solution to achieve our business goals."
Tahís Gómez
Acquisition Marketing, Privalia

The solution

Multi-factor verification with OTPs and landing page automation

To ensure a good deal of registration rates, Privalia created an easy-to-implement social login form. This way, users could register or log in with just one click. Plus, this system implies email or phone verification, since the user’s data is already verified in the social media platform. Thanks to this, Privalia has now +25% signups and +32% logged in sessions.

A multi-factor verification system (MFA) was also added to access certain offers. The use of one-time passwords (OTPs) enabled Privalia to make sure the identity of their users was truthful. By sending an OTP to the users’ email, email verification was ensured. Privalia reduced this type of fraud in 90% — an exceptional percentage that ensures the acquisition of real and qualified users.

Lastly, Privalia automated the launching of their product-based landing pages. They were used for pay-per-click (PPC) strategies, so a bigger amount of them ensures a greater and more segmented audience. Landing page automation helped reduce acquisition costs in 20%, thanks to segmentation. 

Key points

A frictionless form with user verification

  • Social media login. Privalia implemented social login options that dramatically increased their conversion rates in terms of registration and logged-in sessions.
  • User verification for fraud avoidance. Verifying users was crucial to avoid fraudulent accounts and overuse of exclusive discounts. By implementing one-time passwords, security was enhanced.
  • Landing page automation. Launching as many pay-per-click pages as possible helps reaching more users and potential buyers. Automating this process allows massive launching and a great saving in terms of time and manual work.
  • Centralized channels to acquire users. Managing so many PPC pages, Privalia also needed their forms to be embeddable. This way, you can just copy and paste the same form in several pages and centralize multiple acquisition channels.

Getting started with Arengu

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