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Extending Auth0 to build a personalized onboarding experience with their marketing stack

About Qatium

Qatium is an open & collaborative Water Management Platform, that gives operations & planning teams an actionable view of their water network. With our freemium plans, teams can identify inefficiencies and improve network performance, all while ensuring continuity of service. Our growing user community comes from over 75 countries, and includes the most underserved or remote utilities, who are often those most impacted by climate change.

The challenge

Creating an easy and customizable signup flow without depending on the dev team

Qatium’s marketing team wanted to collect users’ information in the signup flow to personalize their onboarding experience, and trigger different automations with their marketing stack. As they were using Auth0, as an identity provider, their previous signup flow relied on their engineering team, so any changes that they wanted to make took several weeks to be done and deployed.

They didn’t want to waste engineering resources on these implementations, so they were looking for a platform that could connect  Auth0 with their marketing stack. They were looking for something that gave them the flexibility to modify things fast and without depending on engineering resources. 

Key points of the challenge:

  • Qatium uses Auth0 Universal Login experience.
  • The new flow needs to connect Auth0 with their marketing stack.
  • Easy to modify without depending on the dev team.
  • Embedded into their platform to look like a native experience.
Arengu has helped to quickly deliver a new signup flow with Auth0 and ActiveCampaign. The simplicity of use is also key to make new changes or integrations without bothering our dev team.
David Monteiro
Director of Customer Success, Qatium

The solution

Extending Auth0 to build a personalized onboarding experience with their marketing stack

Qatium’s team found Arengu to be a pretty straightforward platform to build their new signup flow following best UX practices and keeping it secured by Auth0. They used Auth0 actions to redirect new users to the new Arengu onboarding form, and they also have connected their current marketing stack (ActiveCampaign, Segment and Google Analytics) using our drag & drop flows.

Now, making new changes or integrations is a matter of minutes, rather than several weeks and engineering resources.

Key points of the solution:

  • We used Auth0 actions to redirect new users to the Arengu onboarding form.
  • The Arengu onboarding form is embedded into their platform.
  • Arengu flows send the information to their marketing stack (ActiveCampaign, Google Analytics, etc).
  • They can customize the flow with a drag & drop interface and without depending on the dev team.

Key points

Getting started with Arengu

Arengu allows you to build all your user flows connected to your current stack, and avoids coding all the UI, complex integrations, validations or logic from scratch. Try it for free and start building faster and scaling your application needs as they grow.