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The ActiveCampaign native actions allow integrating your Arengu forms for customer experience automation, email marketing and sales or support processes.

Connect your ActiveCampaign account

To connect your ActiveCampaign account to Arengu you will need your API URL and API key. You can find them in your ActiveCampaign dashboard under Settings menu, inside Developer section:

Create or update contact

Creates a new contact or updates an existing one in ActiveCampaign.

Input settings

Parameter Description
Connection (required) Paste the API Key and the API URL. To be found in your own ActiveCampaign account settings.
Email The user's email.
First name The user's first name.
Last name The user’s last name.
Phone The user’s phone number.
Custom fields ID Personalized data about the contact.

Output object

Check ActiveCampaign API information and endpoints in ActiveCampaign’s documentation.