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This group of actions are related to email addresses that are powered by our own services.

Verify email address

This action performs several checks against the provided email address in function of the rules that you have selected.

Input settings

Parameter Description
Email (required) The email address to verify.
Require MX record Require MX records. When a domain lacks MX records, email servers do not know where to send emails for that domain.
Block free email providers Block free email providers like,, etc.
Block disposable email addresses Block disposable emails like,, etc.
Block email account aliases Block email with aliases (eg.
Whitelist domains Allow emails only from approved domains in your list.
Blacklist domains Block specific email domains.

Output object

Property Type Description
valid Boolean Returns true or false depending on whether or not the email has met the defined rules.
cause String In case the valid property is false, it will show the reference of the first rule that the email didn't meet:
  • MISSING_MX_RECORD: If the email domain lacks of MX records.
  • FREE_EMAIL: If the email domain is a free email provider.
  • DISPOSABLE_EMAIL: If the email is a disposable email address.
  • EMAIL_ALIAS: If the email is using an email alias.
  • BLACKLISTED: If the email domain is included in your black list.
  • NOT_ALLOWED: If the email domain is not included in your white list.

Output object examples

  "valid": false,
  "cause": "FREE_EMAIL"
  "valid": true,
  "cause": null

Send email

This action allows you to send an outbound email. Before using it, take into account the following limitations:

  • You can send up to 1,000 emails per month.
  • You cannot customize the sender email address (also called "from" email).
  • To comply with CAN-SPAM laws, the report abuse link cannot be removed.

Input settings

Parameter Description
Sender name The sender name (The "from" name). If no value provided, it will use Arengu Notifications
Recipient name The name of the recipient (The "to" name).
Recipient email (required) The email of the recipient (The "to" email).
Subject (required) The subject of the email.
Content (required) The content of the email in HTML format or plain text.
Custom logo The URL of a custom logo. (Paid plans only)

Output object

Property Type Description
success Boolean Returns true or false depending on whether or not the email has been sent.

Output object examples

  "success": true
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