Core concepts
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Arengu flows are the visual representation of the logic that occurs on the server side when you run a form and they are completely customizable. 

They consist of a series of actions that you can place and configure as you need, plus an HTTP Request action that you can use to integrate and query any service with an API.


The flows module is a powerful tool for defining advanced validations or processing form submissions. They are even useful for implementing business logic using our infrastructure.

The set of native actions allows you to trigger a wide variety of functionalities without writing a single line of code:

  • Advanced validations for your forms.
  • Tens of native integrations with third parties.
  • Extendable with your own HTTP integrations.
  • Ready-to-use debugging system.
  • Tools for data enrichment and text processing.

First steps

First, analyze the Types of flows we support and how you can configure the actions by referencing Variables.

Once your flow is ready, test it and check the registered Executions. If a flow fails, check the recorded Errors and analyze the execution using our Debugger mode.

Table of contents

Flows guides & tutorials

Discover our step-by-step guides and tutorials to learn using Arengu with Flows.

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