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Our forms support an advanced field that validates and processes payments automatically, so you do not have to implement risky logic manually in your forms.


Our payment field supports two different types of charges. You can choose one or another depending on the kind of product you sell on your website.

One-off charge

Single payment that will not be repeated anymore unless the user buys again the product explicitly. Typical charge when you offer early tickets for an event or you sell limited edition t-shirts.

Supported by: Stripe.

Recurring charge

Fixed payment that will be repeated periodically until the user cancels the subscription. Most common charge of SaaS companies, newspapers publishers or any subscription business model.

Supported by: Stripe.


Arengu only supports one provider at this moment, but we are already working with additional payment providers to offer you several similar alternatives.


Stripe is one of the most important companies to receive payments and to generate invoices over the internet. It offers both a control panel and an API to manage or automate your operations.

Every time a payment is collected using Stripe, it generates an invoice associated with a customer. Furthermore, every operation is logged, so you can keep a full record of all the done operations.

Supported charges: One-off and Recurring.

Certified as: PCI Level 1 Service Provider

API setting: In order to integrate Stripe in your payment form, insert both a Private key and a Public key. To obtain them, go to your Stripe account and find them under Developers > API keys.


Payments are an important activity for us, so we put a lot of effort into making it as safe as possible for both our customers and your users.

Payment validation

Unlike other competitors, we do not allow anyone to submit a form without performing the required payments. The validation and collection of those payments is done on the server side to bring you the maximum security.

This strategy does not allow attackers to manipulate the amount, steal your private API keys nor bypass the payment operation to receive the item you offer for free.

Secure providers

All our providers comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards; it means they satisfy the requirements specified by PCI Security Standards Council for payment account security.

Data leaks

As indicated below, Arengu does not receive, process nor store the credit card of your customers, so a potential leak of their card details is not possible at all.

When someone provides their credit card details, they will be sent directly to your payment provider. The payment provider is the one who transforms that information into a non-reversible securised token. Arengu’s servers do not interfere in this action.

Once the token is generated, it is sent to Arengu’s servers, where the payment will be requested without any detail of the credit card, because that token does not allow Arengu to get the card number nor its security code.

Furthermore, that temporal token will not be valid if someone tries to charge your customer maliciously. This token is coupled to your account and cannot be used with a different one, even if it is real.

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