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A signup form may look like something simple... but there are tens of out-of-the-box features that you can integrate to get even more out of it.


Save several weeks of development and maintenance when building:

  • Multi-step forms with custom logic and automations at any step of the form.
  • Form UX: improved form inputs, pre-build UI components, HTML blocks to build your own ones with JS, fully customizable CSS styles, etc.
  • Validations: inline validations, double validation on client and server side, validations against external web services, and partial validations with data signing.
  • Connect any API: integrate and query any service with an API and trigger actions based on form inputs.
  • Data analysis: track every form interaction to improve your sign-ups and find where users get stuck with custom DOM events and your current analytics stack.
  • Social login plus safe payments and subscriptions with Stripe.

First steps

Discover all the different types of data that may be handled in the Fields section and how you can structure your form in the Multistep chapter.

If you have to collect Payments, read carefully what providers we support. Probably you will be interested in our Validations strategy and how to add your own ones using our Flows module.

Check also the Submissions and Data protection pages to find out all available settings.

Connect flows with server-side logic

Implement business logic, advanced validations, data enrichment... and a wide variety of functionalities to customize form behavior without writing code.

Visually build the flows and run them just by connecting each one to a form step, or triggering them before or after submission. Learn here more on how to connect flows to a form.

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Forms guides & tutorials

Discover our step-by-step guides and tutorials to learn using Arengu with Forms.

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