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Google Sheets

This Google Sheets native action allows integrating your Arengu forms to add data into your Google spreadsheets.

Connect your Google account

To connect your Google sheets to Arengu you will need to select your Google account using OAuth.

Add a row

Adds a new record to a Google Spreadsheet.

Input settings

Parameter Description
Connection (required) Select an existing connection from the vault or create a connection using Google OAuth.
Spreadsheet ID (required) Find The spreadsheet ID, where you want to store data, from the URL of the spreadsheet.{spreadsheetID}/edit#gid={sheetID}
Sheet ID Find the sheet ID, where you want to store data, from the URL of the spreadsheet. If not given a default ID will be used.{spreadsheetID}/edit#gid={sheetID}
Row values Map each column to a selected value from the form.

Find additional API information at Google Sheets’ documentation

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