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The MailChimp native actions allow integration with Arengu and MailChimp, especially for email marketing services, such as subscribing users to your MailChimp newsletter.

Subscribe to MailChimp list

Subscribes a new email address to the configured newsletter or updates their information if the provided email address is already subscribed to it.

Input settings

Parameter Description
Connection (required) Connect your account via OAuth. Select an existing connection or create a new one.
Audience ID (required) In your MailChimp account, go to the Audience tab. Click on Contacts > Settings > Audience name and defaults > Audience ID.
Email (required) The user's email.
Custom fields Reference the field tag from Mailchimp in the left column and the variable that your want to store in the right one. You will find the field tag in your MailChimp Audience Dashboard, under the 'Audience fields and *|MERGE|* tags' section. Just remembert to specify only the tag name, without symbols (eg. PHONE instead of *|PHONE|).

Output object

Check add member endpoint in Mailchimp documentation.

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