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This Mailjet native action allows integrating your Arengu forms to send emails using Mailjet as an email service provider.

Connect your Mailjet account

To connect your Mailjet account to Arengu you will need the API key and Secret key. They can be found at Mailjet dashboard's Account page under the API keys:

Send Mailjet email

Sends an email using Mailjet as the email provider.

Input settings

Parameter Description
ID (required) Action ID. It is used to reference the output values of the action.
Alias Short description to be displayed in the action.
Connection (required) Select an existing connection from the vault or create a connection with your Mailjet API key and Secret key.
Sender name The sender's name.
Sender email (required) The sender's email.
Recipient name The recipient's name
Recipient email (required) The recipient's email.
Subject The email subject.
Email type (required) Send email in either HTML or a template.
Message (required) Email message in HTML format.
Template ID (required) The ID of the template.
Custom variables Add custom variables and its values to templates.
Track email activity Check box to track email activity.

Find expected response and extra API information at Mailjet’s documentation.

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