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First time here? Read this short page for a quick overview about Arengu and how to get started.

What is Arengu?

Arengu is a low-code platform that allows developers and makers to build advanced flows on top of any API or identity provider. 

When building an app, you always need to code basic flows like signup, login or payments. As applications grow, more complex flows are required: passwordless, multi-factor, OTPs, progressive profiling, user qualification, etc.

All of these flows require building the UI and a lot of custom logic, such as validations and integrations with 3rd parties. With Arengu, we make it very easy to build all of these user flows, saving valuable development resources and time.

Use cases for Arengu

1. Registration and login forms. Build custom forms and improve the UX of any authentication service with an API.

2. Passwordless and MFA forms. Prevent phishing and fraudulent sign-ups in your forms with OTPs and magic links.

3. Payments and subscriptions. Collect one-off and recurring payments with Stripe, and easily set up dynamic pricing forms.

4. Approval forms. Organize submitters with custom statuses and trigger different actions for each one of them.

5. User qualification and progressive profiling. Optimize your inside sales process with data enrichment and adding custom rules. Complete and update your users profile by dynamically adding new form steps.

Where to start?

If you want to learn a little more about the editor before you start using it, we recommend taking a look at the Intro to forms and the Intro to flows.

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Overview guides & tutorials

Discover our step-by-step guides and tutorials to learn using Arengu with Overview.

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