Getting started
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First time here? Read this short page to create your first forms and flows. Start improving your onboarding flows with Arengu!

Arengu 101

We are sure you already browsed our website several times, but here you have a quick summary with the key concepts!

What we do

Arengu provides you a set of tools to build your user onboarding processes without development overhead, security risks nor maintenance. Whatever your target use case is, you can focus on improving your conversions, while we do the hard work.

How we do

We offer you two different modules that work together to streamline the onboarding experience of potential clients in a completely transparent way.

On the one hand, our multi-step forms let you design and implement user friendly forms compatible with modern web browsers without giving up security nor GDPR requirements.

On the other hand, our advanced workflows empower your forms by adding complex validations against your web services, enriching your data with external sources or propagating your data to third providers.

Furthermore, if you have to manage multiple projects or if you share them with other people, the built-in workspaces system helps you to organize data in different contexts and control access per person.

First steps

Would you like to give it a try? Keep reading!

Introduce you

First of all, you have to create your own account on Arengu, otherwise you will not be able to try it. The signup page contains a very simple form that allows you to create forms after filling in a couple fields.

Quick guides

Once you have activated your account, you can play around or take a look at our quick guide. Do you have a particular use case in mind? Great! It is likely that you find a guide in the Guides & Tutorials section in Arengu’s blog.

These tutorials have been created based on the usual needs that our clients have. If you think we should add another scenario, send us your suggestion and we will include it as soon as possible!

Going deeper

You already have an account and a ready-to-use form, but you need more complex functionalities than the described ones. This documentation will help you to become a master and perfect your onboarding processes.

Here, you will find every bit of information about Arengu. You probably do not need to know every tiny aspect. Just focus on the essential for you, and keep in mind that this documentation is always available here.