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Intro to Pages

Arengu pages is a simple CMS to build and deploy static pages based on HTML templates. You can use Mustache variable tags on your HTML template to make your content editable in a custom dashboard.


Some considerations before using Arengu pages:

  • This module has been designed to build form-based pages (eg. sign-up pages, login pages, payment subscription pages, etc) and not a whole website.
  • Arengu handles the static generation, deployment and hosting of the page, so your team will only need to take care of the content.
  • As pages are based on HTML templates, you need to know HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create a template.
  • You can upload as many templates as you want and create as many pages as you want using different templates.
  • You can set up Arengu pages to work on any domain or subdomain just pointing a CNAME records to our systems. Contact us if you need them working inside a folder of your current domain using a proxy.

Types of pages

Arengu has three types of pages:

  1. Manual pages: the ones you build using the admin dashboard.
  2. Internal pages: the 404 error page and other internal pages.
  3. Automated pages: pages that are automatically built using a Source feed.
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