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Quick start

Start with a template

If you don't have a template yet, you can use this template example.

  1. Upload your template folder with all your assets and the index.html file on the root of your folder.
Upload a template
  1. Name your template and define your variables types to automatically create your dashboard input fields.
Map template variables

Now you can use this template to build your first page.

Build your first page

  1. Choose your template and name your page.
Select your page template
  1. Fill your page variables and edit your URL path.
Fill page variables

Once you click on create, your page will be automatically deployed and publicly available.

Set up a Source

Once you have your template and your CSV file ready, you can set up the feed settings to automatically build pages from that Source.

  1. Choose your template, provide a feed URL and name your page source.
Choose template and feed URL
  1. Specify options to successfully parse your CSV file.
CSV settings
  1. Map your feed column values to page settings.
Map feed columns

Once it's done, your feed will be parsed and all your pages will be automatically deployed and publicly available.

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