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Connect your SendGrid account

To connect your SendGrid account to Arengu you will need your API key. You can find it in your SendGrid dashboard under Settings > API keys:

Send SendGrid email

Sends an email using SendGrid as the email provider.

Input settings

Parameter Description
Connection (required) Paste the SendGrid API key. To be found in your SendGrid account settings.
Sender name ID The name of the sender of the email.
Sender email (required) The email that sends the email.
Recipient name The name of the recipient of the email
Recipient email (required) The email that receives the email.
Subject The email subject.
Email type (required) The type of the email based on its content: an HTML content, or a prebuilt saved template.
Message (required) The body content of the email.

Output object

Check SendGrid API information and endpoints in SendGrid’s documentation

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