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Send a Slack message

This action publishes custom notifications in your Slack workspaces, using a webhook URL. It sends a rich message to the specified channel using a previously created webhook. It is one of our most flexible actions because it supports interaction through buttons.

Input settings

Parameter Description
Connection (required) Connect your account via OAuth. Select an existing connection or create a new one.
Text The main text in the message. It will be displayed as introductory text, before all the attachments.
Attachments Text The main text in each attachment.
Pretext An optional text that appears above the attachments. You can use it as a description or introduction of the attached content.
Color Like traffic signals, color-coding messages can quickly communicate intent and help separate from the flow of other messages in the timeline.
Fields List variables, getting them from dropdown, and identify them with a name or a title to define the content to be attached.

Output object

Property Type Description
body Boolean It will always contain a top-level boolean property, indicating success or failure:
  • ok: If it is success.
  • error: If it fails, this response will contain a short machine-readable error code.
warning String Some problematic calls could still be completed successfully. In these cases, ok will be true and the warning property will contain a short machine-readable warning code (or comma-separated list of them, in the case of multiple warnings).

Output object example

  "body": "ok"
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