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This Slack native action allows integrating your Arengu forms to send messages to Slack channels.

Connect your Slack account

To connect your Slack account to Arengu you will need to select the Workspace and the Channel using the OAuth protocol:

Send a Slack message

Sends a message to a specified workspace and channel.

Input settings

Parameter Description
ID (required) Action ID. It is used to reference the output values of the action.
Alias Short description to be displayed in the action.
Connection (required) Select an existing connection from the vault or create a connection using the OAuth protocol.
Text The main text in the message. It will be displayed as introductory text, before all the attachments.
Attachments Text The main text in each attachment.
Pretext An optional text that appears above the attachments. You can use it as a description or introduction of the attached content.
Color Like traffic signals, color-coding messages can quickly communicate intent and help separate from the flow of other messages in a timeline.
Fields The field names and their values.

Find expected response and extra API information at Slack's documentation.

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