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Connect your Twilio account

To connect your Twilio account to Arengu you will need your Account SID and Auth token. You can find your them in your Twilio console dashboard:

Send SMS

Sends an SMS with Twilio as the SMS provider.

Input settings

Parameter Description
Connection (required) Paste the Twilio Account ID. To be found in your Twilio account settings.
Auth token (required) The Twilio token. To be found in your Twilio account settings.
From (required) The name of the sender of the SMS.
To (required) The destination phone number in international format. Country code must be included. For example: +15555551234, 1 being the country code for the United States.
Message (required) The body content of the SMS.

Output object

Check Twilio API information and endpoints in Twilio’s documentation.