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The WhatsApp native action allows integrating your Arengu forms to communicate with your users via this messaging app.

Connect your WhatsAPP permanent access token

To connect your WhatsApp account to Arengu you will need the permanent Access Token. You can learn how to create it here:

Send Message 

Sends a WhatsApp message.

Input settings

Parameter Description
ID (required) Action ID. It is used to reference the output values of the action.
Alias Short description to be displayed in the action.
Connection (required) Select an existing connection from the vault or create a new connection using your WhatsApp Access Token
Sender phone ID (required) The sender phone number ID can be found in the Facebook Business Manager WhatsApp app settings. Note that this is not a phone number.
Recipient phone number (required) The recipient's phone number. It must be in international E.164 format.
Message type (required) Select from the dropdown the message type of choice. To learn more click here.
Message object (required) The content of the message object differs for each type of message. To learn more click here.

Find expected response and extra API information at WhatsApp's documentation

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