Signup forms with conditional logic

Build forms with different paths and behaviors based on user responses or any check made on the backend, and reduce friction to the fullest.

Signup forms with conditional logic

Custom form logic without coding

Create advanced form logic with a flexible set of native actions. Build conditional logic flows based on form data, hidden fields, and data from any service with an API.

How it works

Create a flow. To add logic to a form, go to the flows editor and create a flow linked to the proper stage of the form.

Add an 'If/then condition' action. Just click on the plus button of the flow and select it from the actions menu.

Set the condition. Reference the variable you want to check on in the first input and select the condition that best suits the needs of your form.

Build the ‘True/False’ branches. Add to each branch the actions that will be triggered based on the result of the previous condition.

Publish and test it. Publish the flow and click on the ‘Preview’ button of the form to check that everything is working properly.

Other Forms features

Powerful alone. Better together.

All-in-one solution to build, automate and scale your signup flows.


Drag & drop form builder

Easily create your custom form with our drag & drop builder. Add multiple steps, require payment details, add custom server-side logic... without writing a single line of code.

  • Forms with Flows

  • Approval workflows

  • Multi-step forms fields

  • Payment fields

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Visual flow editor

Easily build server-side logic that can be used in your forms or as a standalone product. Create custom validations, integrate with other APIs or automate tasks without coding.

  • Validation flows

  • Eliminate maintenance costs.

  • Easy to integrate with your stack.

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Hosted static pages

Maximize your conversion rates building dedicated static pages at scale with message-matched content and get the best results for your ad campaigns.

  • Simple HTML templates

  • Automated pages from a .CSV file

  • HTTPS & CDN-hosted assets

  • Mustache template tags

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Out of the box integrations

Send your data back and forth between Arengu and your favourite apps.