Form analytics with your current stack

Measure the engagement of your forms by tracking custom events. Get useful data and insights to propose A/B tests and improve the user experience.

Form analytics with your current stack
Mutua Madrileña

How it works

Insights & analytics features

Tracking form navigation events

Add custom HTML block fields, with data layer scripts, to easily track the user journey through each form step. Implement Google Tag Manager tracking, or any other tracking tool, in no time.

Advanced tracking with DOM events

Use custom DOM events to track advanced interactions (eg. focus, blur, change, etc.) in your forms. Easily measure your forms’ performance and collect information related to each event (eg. form ID, step ID, field value, etc).

Coming soon: The form analytics dashboard

Stop manually implementing form analytics events. Arengu's editor will soon launch a native dashboard, where you can check the metrics of all your forms. Want to be up to date? Subscribe!

Other popular features

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Security and privacy by default

We help you comply with your security and privacy policies. You decide where you want to store the information you collect, and who has access to it.

SOC 2 certified

Monitored by a 3rd party to stay compliant with SOC 2 security standards.

GDPR compliant

Full control of your data to help you comply with your privacy policies.

Hosted in the EU

Servers and data are securely hosted in the European Union.

Encrypted data

Data is stored encrypted using the AES256 algorithm.

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Out of the box integrations

Send your data back and forth between Arengu and your favourite apps.

Getting started with Arengu

Arengu allows you to build all your user flows connected to your current stack, and avoids coding all the UI, complex integrations, validations or logic from scratch. Try it for free and start building faster and scaling your application needs as they grow.