The flows editor

Visually build logic and automations for your forms

Easily configure custom server-side logic, integrate any service with an API and automate tasks in any stage of the form.

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Key flow features

Flows with Forms

You can easily link flows to different stages of your form: between form steps, before submission or after submission; to build custom validations or integrations with any API.

  • Email verification action

  • Custom error/success messages

  • Set cookies on response

Task automation

Automate tasks or processes with your favorite apps after someone submits a form or makes a POST request.

  • Native integrations

  • Delay action

  • After form submission trigger

Intuitive data mapping

Transform your data or pass it through the different flow actions with an intuitive data mapping.

  • Autocomplete variables

  • Testing mode

  • Create custom payloads

Debugging mode

When a flow is executed you can review all inputs/outputs data of every flow action, errors and current status.

  • Executions history

  • Detailed flow actions data

  • Error handling

What our clients say

"With Arengu, we are able to easily experiment and test our sign up flow, by separating it from our core platform. At the same time, the flow has become more robust when it comes to eliminate errors."
Peter Hanekamp
CEO, Taiga
"Arengu is a key part of our acquisition strategy to build personalized sign-up pages at scale. They are a flexible and easy-to-use solution to achieve our business goals."
Tahís Gómez
Acquisition Marketing, Privalia
"Thanks to Arengu we've been able to improve our customer registration experience, increasing the conversion rates by 30 %. All in a quick and easy way."
Rafa Rovira
Digital Marketing Manager, Khama
"Arengu is a quick, trustworthy and flexible solution that allowed us to launch faster in new international markets and keep our focus in our core platform."
Borja Maceira
CTO, Opositatest

Other flow features

HTTP requests

Integrate with anything that has an API with custom HTTP requests.

Error handling

Handle unexpected errors to avoid interrupting your flow execution.

Conditional logic

Set rules to route your flow execution to different branches.

Testing mode

Test your flow behaviour sending custom payloads before going live.


Enable different rules that will execute your flow actions.

API builder

Use your flow endpoint as a powerful API that connects multiple services.

Why using Arengu?

All-in-one solution to build, automate and scale your user registrations.

Save development resources

Reduce up to 80% of development time, eliminate maintenance costs and easily integrate with your stack.

Be fast and autonomous

Forget about going back and forth with your development team, build what you need and gain control over your new users.

Stop wasting money

Say goodbye to fake sign-ups or collecting leads that don't convert. Focus on acquiring relevant users for your business.

Out of the box integrations

Send your data back and forth between Arengu and your favourite apps.

Developer friendly

Save development time, embed anywhere with a line of code.

Stack agnostic

Embed it, with a simple line of code, in most popular CMS platforms, landing page builders and development frameworks.

Integrations with any API

Quick integration with almost every API and common ID providers (Auth0, Okta...), adding flexibility to forms and logics.

Save time and resources

We help teams with repetitive and complex actions, building - easy to edit, maintain and scale - templates.

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