Some flow features

HTTP Actions

Integrate with almost any application making custom HTTP requests.

Error handling

Handle unexpected errors to avoid interrupting your flow execution.

Conditional logic

Set rules to route your flow execution to different branches.

Testing mode

Test your flow behaviour sending custom payloads before going live.


Enable different rules that will execute your flow actions.

API Builder

Use your flow endpoint as a powerful API that connects multiple services.

Still more features

Visual interface

Create flows that cover your business use cases with a visual interface, add or remove as many flow actions as you need. Set multiple validations to enable flow conditional executions. Transform your data or pass it through the different flow actions.

Native integrations

You can connect your favourite applications out-of-the-box with just few clicks and no coding. If you don't see the integration you need, you can use our HTTP actions to connect to any web services that has an API.

Flow history

When a flow is executed you can visually check all data that went through the flow like all inputs/outputs of every flow action, errors and current status. This is really useful for debugging purposes or a detailed report of every flow execution.