Integrate ActiveCampaign actions in your flows

Create or update contacts in ActiveCampaign and send them personalized email campaigns.


ActiveCampaign integrations

  • Create or update a contact. Automate your ActiveCampaign contact list management in any form and flow of your website.

How to set up ActiveCampaign integration

1. Set up an ActiveCampaign connection

A native action is provided by Arengu to easily and quickly integrate ActiveCampaign. You just have to go to your Arengu flow and add an ActiveCampaign action.

Then, click on the plus button, next to the Connection field, and connect both services with your ActiveCampaign API key and URL. Check our documentation and learn how to find these parameters.

2. Configure the native action

Now, you can configure the action itself. Write the contact email and set the contact properties that you want to include, as in the example.

To get more info, check the documentation.

3. Save, publish and embed

Finally, simply save and publish the flow, and remember that it has to be connected to a form to start using it.

They are also compatible with any tech stack thanks to our JS SDK, so you can embed them anywhere with a simple line of code.

Learn how to link forms and flows.

Get data from your form using variables.

About ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a customer experience platform that helps businesses create customer experiences with email marketing and CRM tools.

It offers almost everything you need within a newsletter marketing tool, plus many advanced automations that include deals management and a conversational feature to send targeted messages straight to visitors.

Easily integrate it into your forms with Arengu and ave hours daily by automating your contact list management‍



Other integrations



Integrate ActiveCampaign with other services

Send your data back and forth between ActiveCampaign and your favourite apps.

Getting started with Arengu

Arengu allows you to build all your user flows connected to your current stack, and avoids coding all the UI, complex integrations, validations or logic from scratch. Try it for free and start building faster and scaling your application needs as they grow.