Integrate Airtable actions with your signup flows

Connect your forms to Airtable to automatically create or update records.


Supported Airtable actions

List records
Lists records in a table
Update a record
Updates an existing record
Create a record
Adds a new record to a table.
Don't see the action you need? Use the HTTP Request action to integrate with any API

Airtable integration details

Add the Airtable native actions to send data back and forth between your signup and user qualification forms, and the tables you have created.

Thanks to these actions you will be able to:

  • Create records or update existing ones.
  • Send form data to Airtable, plus other information from data enrichment services like Clearbit.
  • Get user data from the table and autocomplete form fields with it.
  • Build forms with conditional logic based on user responses.


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GDPR compliant

Full control of your data to help you comply with your privacy policies.

Hosted in the EU

Servers and data are securely hosted in the European Union.

Encrypted data

Data is stored encrypted using the AES256 algorithm.

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