Integrate Airtable actions in your flows

Connect your forms to Airtable to automatically create or update records.


Airtable integrations

  • Create a record. Automatically create records and save form data to any table in your projects.
  • Update a record. Easily refresh the records already saved in any table of your Airtable projects.
  • List records. List, filter, sort and format records from your projects with custom query parameters.

How to set up Airtable integration

About Airtable

Airtable is a low-code platform for building collaborative apps from a flexible and completely personalized relational data model.

Create the database that fits your flow, configure the views that best suit your needs and bring the data to life with the many click-to-add apps from the official marketplace.

Now you can also easily connect an Airtable database with your user onboarding flows thanks to this set of native actions.



Other integrations



Integrate Airtable with other services

Send your data back and forth between Airtable and your favourite apps.

Getting started with Arengu

Arengu allows you to build all your user flows connected to your current stack, and avoids coding all the UI, complex integrations, validations or logic from scratch. Try it for free and start building faster and scaling your application needs as they grow.