All you can do with Arengu for PrestaShop

Build sophisticated forms for your PrestaShop site without coding


Onboard users the smart way

Build adavanced forms without coding and in no time. With the Arengu addon, you can create any signup and login form — one-click access, two-factor authentication, anything!

Besides from creating the form and its logic, you can integrate it with other tools: authentication systems, email providers, CRMs, and so on.

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Implement magic links or OTPs

Build passwordless forms or add extra factors of authentication for an extra layer of security.

With Arengu, you can build passwordless forms or two-factor authentication forms, simply by selecting your preferred native action in the Flows section.

Use magic links or one-time passwords to authenticate your users and level up your onboarding flows.

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Embed everywhere

Whatever frontend framework you use, you can embed your Arengu forms wherever you want.

Feel free to embed your forms in different contexts, including CMS like PrestaShop or WordPress (among others) or even landing page builders

Simply copy paste two lines of code wherever you want your form to be displayed, and that’s it!

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Track your forms to optimize metrics

Arengu’s SDK comes along with custom DOM events, so you can track and analyze relevant spots of your forms: submission, invalid fields, changes in fields, going back to previous steps, and much more!

Measure every detail of the form submission or execute A/B tests to optimize your efforts and boost your submission or conversion rates.

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Embed it everywhere

Perfect fit with every frontend framework, thanks to our JS SDK, just with a simple line of code. Including popular CMS platforms, and landing page builders.

            <script async src=""></script>
<div data-arengu-form-id="YOUR_FORM_ID"></div>

          import React from "react"
import { ArenguForm } from "react-arengu-forms"

export default const IndexPage = () => (
    <ArenguForm id="YOUR_FORM_ID" />

            import React from "react"
import { ArenguForm } from "gatsby-plugin-arengu-forms"

export default const IndexPage = () => (
    <ArenguForm id="YOUR_FORM_ID" />

          // Using a shortcode tag
[arengu-form id="YOUR_FORM_ID"]

Out of the box integrations

Send your data back and forth between Arengu and your favourite apps.

HTTP Request
















Google Sheets






Frequently asked questions about Arengu forms for PrestaShop sites.

First, you need to download the Arengu addon from the Arengu page in GitHub.

To start using your Arengu module, go to your PrestaShop account. Under Improve, click on Modules and then upload the module you have downloaded and you will be ready to work in your forms.

Embedding an Arengu form is simple and fast, and it is possible to embed it in different ways.

To embed your form in a PrestaShop site, simply go to Forms > Share. There you will see all available options to embed forms. Choose yours and copy the two lines of codes of your preferred option. Copy paste it wherever you want, and your form will be ready to onboard your users!

If you want to edit any detail in your forms, simply modify what you need in Arengu and the changes will be automatically applied in every channel or site where the form is embedded. You don’t need to deploy any of the pages — simply click the Publish button in Arengu and your changes will be visible.

Yes! Arengu allows integrations with any API-based service. Even if you don’t find a native action in our suite, you can build your own HTTP request and create one of your own.

Thanks to the HTTP request action, you can build highly personalized forms, connect them with any tool, and optimize your flows to the fullest. You can integrate Arengu with email and SMS providers, CRMs, communication tools, authentication providers, and so on and so forth.

Of course! With the Arengu addon for PrestaShop, you can build a one-click access form with social login.

You can also build social login forms for other platforms, such as WordPress, Woocommerce or any other website where you want to embed your forms. Plus, you can personalize the form to the fullest by adding third-party integrations and personalized loggic.