Why using Arengu in your WordPress site?

Create and personalize user validation processes, without effort.


Build your custom onboarding process

Add an extra layer of flexibility to your login and signup forms, and add server-side logic without coding!

If you don't know where to start with the code or you just want to save a lot of time, Arengu allows you to create advanced forms that connects to any platform and user authentication service with API (WordPress, PrestaShop, HubSpot, Auth0, Okta Developers, Firebase...) in minutes!

Learn more about adding server-side logic >>

Switch to passwordless forms

Take the step into the future of forms and configure your own verification options: send magic links, easily configure SMS and email one-time passwords and temporary codes...

Make it easier for your users to access your website without giving up security! Passwordless forms are the best way to reduce friction in your login and registration processes. Have you tried them already?

Learn more about passwordless forms >>

Payments & advanced features

Including advanced features in your login and registration forms has never been so easy or faster, you don't even need to know how to code!

Add dynamic payments with Stripe, build fully custom multistep forms, conditional logic, multifactor authentication processes, and email or SMS verification with our quick and easy third party integrations.

Discover how to set up dynamic payments >>

Try a working demo

This is a multistep signup demo that connects Arengu with Wordpress.

1. Adaptative sign up

The form can jump between steps based on advanced validation flows — asking for extra data if it's a new signup, or jumping to a step that logs users in, if it's an already registered email.

1. Inline data validation
Validation error

Form verifies user’s email with your own business rules. You can require an MX record or auto login users that have been registered before, among other options.

2. Enrich your database

Add additional questions after signup is complete. Add more user’s data to your database, by asking questions before or after registration.

3. Sign up and integrate with other tools

Add API-based integrations on top of the onboarding logic: update your Hubspot CRM or send Slack notifications, among others.

3. Auto login

Configure your onboarding flow by easily adding an auto-login if user have been registered before and no error is detected. Email, password, and logged in!

Embed it everywhere

Perfect fit with every frontend framework, thanks to our JS SDK, just with a simple line of code. Including popular CMS platforms, and landing page builders.

            <script async src="https://sdk.arengu.com/forms.js"></script>
<div data-arengu-form-id="YOUR_FORM_ID"></div>

          import React from "react"
import { ArenguForm } from "react-arengu-forms"

export default const IndexPage = () => (
    <ArenguForm id="YOUR_FORM_ID" />

            import React from "react"
import { ArenguForm } from "gatsby-plugin-arengu-forms"

export default const IndexPage = () => (
    <ArenguForm id="YOUR_FORM_ID" />

          // Using a shortcode tag
[arengu-form id="YOUR_FORM_ID"]

Out of the box integrations

Send your data back and forth between Arengu and your favourite apps.

HTTP Request
















Google Sheets






Frequently asked questions about customizable WordPress forms.

You just need to install the plugin! Once installed, a new section will appear in your WordPress main menu: Arengu Settings.

There you can check the APIs to enable signup, login or passwordless endpoints, and get the endpoint URL to redirect your form. Arengu will ask your for each URL during configuration, and you just need to paste them on the proper field. That easy!

It’s not necessary, but it is true that you will take more advantage if you have a few coding skills.

Arengu is designed to save time from recurrent issues, like user login and registration process, providing a low code SaaS and an interface to automatize and personalize it, amplifying WordPress’ features and from most common authentication services.

We don’t generate tokens or administrate users, but we allow you to create completely personalized forms and logics and provide a better UX for your users. Your marketing coworkers will love the results!

You just need to get the WordPress shortcode from your form’s edition page in Arengu and paste it in WordPress’ text editor! You can also inline embed it in other websites and landing pages, even if they are built with other popular frameworks as React, Vue, Angular, Gatsby... You can find all available options in your form editor page under the Share tab.

It’s a really easy and quick way to provide a unified and custom process everywhere!

It’s just an option! When creating or editing a form, you can able or disable the storage for each field.

Because of security and your intern compliance, you can use a checkbox (named Transient) to indicate the data you prefer not to save in Arengu. For example: passwords, account numbers or any type of sensitive data. And you also have another check to disable data storage from the entire form.

Data will arrive anyway to next steps and integrations, but nobody can see them in Arengu. Remember to configure its destination. If you don’t integrate any service to preserve them, they will be lost forever!

Yes, we do! Every flow is monitored in the editor and the interface will show up a warning if something is not working. You can check details on a specific section (Executions), find where’s the error, solve it and publish changes inmediatly again!

We keep every input and output from the flow and you can check the Submissions section to find the error and solve it. So, don’t worry about mistakes! It’s so easy to find and solve them with Arengu!

No, you just need to click a button! Edit your form and flows, and press Publish button on the top of the page.

Everything will be updated in a few seconds!

Easy and quick integrations are also provided and forms can be connected with common authentication systems - Auth0, Onelogin, Firebase Auth and Okta Developers - are also provided. And it can be connected with any system with an API.

To storage your users, you can connect Arengu with any CMS with API, like WordPress or HubSpot, and also create flows to receive notifications by email, sms, Slack, Telegram...