Sign-up flows

Build the Slack onboarding flow with Arengu

The Slack signup flow with magic links grants access with just one click. Here’s how to replicate it!

Slack's registration flow

Onboard users with a one-click signup and a magic link

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Advantages of a Slack-like onboarding flow

Discover the wonders of a one-click onboarding with magic links and replicate it with Arengu

One-click signup

A frictionless onboarding ensures the minimum effort for users to enrol your site, hence the best conversion rates.

Optional social login

Displaying both signup with email and social login gives the user the chance to choose the best option for them, in any case with one click.

Top-notch user experience

An easy, straightforward signup flow means users will have the best user experience, avoid frustration and trust your brand.

Email verification

Magic links sent to the user’s email address allow you to verify their email address. By clicking it, they will be verifying their identity.

Password-free, worry-free

Getting rid of passwords means eliminating certain security issues for your database. Plus, users get an easier access to your site.

Sophisticated and secure

Session tokens are nearly impossible to intercept. Email verification and avoiding passwords are the finishing touches for a sophisticated flow.

Other onboarding flows

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Getting started with Arengu

Arengu allows you to build all your user flows connected to your current stack, and avoids coding all the UI, complex integrations, validations or logic from scratch. Try it for free and start building faster and scaling your application needs as they grow.