For developers

The fastest way to build your self-service signup flows

We provide you all the tools to build and orchestrate your self-service signup flows: UI building blocks, custom business logic and integrations.

Mutua Madrileña

Go from 0 to 1 in less time

Use the visual interface to build your flow much faster than coding everything from scratch. We take care of everything for you: best UX practices, frontend and backend validations, custom integrations, and no maintenance needed.

Any API, any stack

Connect your flows to anything that has an API to execute logic or get data to reuse across your flows. Embed your flow into any frontend stack with our SDK and make changes in a centralized way.

Extend with code for advanced scenarios

Every onboarding flow has its unique needs and features. We give you the flexibility to extend Arengu with code by adding custom UI components, 3rd party widgets or custom functions.

Security and data privacy by default

Adapt your flow to comply with privacy policies by masking sensitive information or disabling data persistence. Avoid spam and brute force attacks by setting up security features like rate limiting.

Debug if something breaks

Wrong variable type? Wrong API key? API down? Use the debugging mode to check all inputs, outputs and errors of every flow execution, so if something breaks, you can get notified and easily fix it.

"Arengu is a quick, trustworthy and flexible solution that allowed us to launch faster in new international markets and keep our focus in our core platform."
Borja Maceira
CTO, Opositatest

Out of the box integrations

Send your data back and forth between Arengu and your favourite apps.

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