Signup form with email OTP verification with custom API template

Verify your users' email address sending them a one-time-password (OTP) and sign them up with a custom API.

Signup form with email OTP verification with custom API

About this template

This signup form with custom API and email OTP verification includes:

  1. An initial step that requires the full name, email and password.
  2. A flow that checks if the email is available, generates an OTP and sends it via email.
  3. A second step that requires the verification code.
  4. And last, a flow that verifies the OTP and issues a token to automatically log the user in.

How to configure this template


1. A custom API to sign up and log in users.

This template uses the Arengu Demo User API to sign up users.

For testing configure an HTTP request connection to our Demo API with this Bearer Token:


It can be reconfigured to use with your own User API.

2. An email provider to send the emails.

This template uses a test-only action to send emails. Consider replacing it with your own email provider (eg. Mailjet or Sendgrid) before using it in production to avoid limitations.

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