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How to create a Google BigQuery service account to use the REST API

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In this tutorial, we will cover how to create a Google BigQuery service account to use the REST API. After creating the service account, you will be able to connect your Google BigQuery service account to Arengu using the following settings:

  • Project ID
  • Client email
  • Private Key

1. Prepare your Google Big Query project

Go to the Google Cloud console, select your Google Cloud project.

Make sure that the BigQuery API is enabled.

2. Configure the Service Account credentials

Enter a desired service account name and select Done.Create a private key for the service account

Click on the "KEYS" tab, Select Add Key and Create new key.

Select Key type JSON and click on "CREATE".

It will download a JSON file with your private key.

3. Getting your Google BigQuery connection ready

Add a new connection to Arengu by selecting the JSON file.

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