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How to create a permanent access token to use the WhatsApp API

WhatsApp API allows you to send messages to any user that has a WhatsApp number. This tutorial will cover how to generate a permanent access token to use the WhatsApp API.

1. Configure your Facebook Business Manager app

If you don’t have one, you need to create an app in your Facebook Business Manager choosing the Business type:

Once it’s created, go under WhatsApp > Getting started:

You can find here your temporary access token that expires in 24 hours and your testing phone number. If you want to add own phone number go under WhatsApp > Configuration > Manage phone numbers.

2. Generating a permanent access token

To generate the permanent token go under Users > System users in your Business Manager settings, click Add, name it as you want, and choose Admin user role.

Now, click Generate new token and make sure you enable the whatsapp_business_management, whatsapp_business_messaging and business_management permissions:

Then, copy the generated access token:

3. Getting your WhatsApp connection ready

Add a new connection to Arengu with the previous information:

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