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How to create an Apollo API Key to use the REST API

In this tutorial, we will cover how to create an Apollo API Key to use the REST API. After creating the API Key, you will be able to connect your Apollo API Key to Arengu using the following settings:

  • API Key

1. Create an Apollo API Key

Go to the Apollo developer portal and login.

Select the API Keys from the menu bar.

Click on Create New Key, add a Name, a Description and click on create API Key. In this instance, we are creating a Master Key.

2. Copy the newly created Apollo API Key

Select the key and copy its value to use with Arengu.

3. Configure the Arengu HTTP request action with the Apollo API Key

  • Add the Apollo URL for People Enrichment
  • Add in the Body, the Query parameters, in this instance the email field.
  • Add the Apollo API Key in the URL params
    api_key and the Apollo API Key value
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